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Sunday, June 8, 2008

- Paint brush to mouse

As a designer I have seen the transition of times in the way artist present heir work. Whether is good or bad is up to us to debate all the way till the cows comes home. Being an artist that have evolved in this transition, I can see the difference in the media have to the way artist look at their work.

I have a couple of favourite fine art artis like Frank Frezzata and Roger Dean. These guys are the ones that create their work using canvas and paint brushes. And some of their work are well known for Movies Posters and Record covers. And most importantly they created a niche in their style and it shows in their work.< Even local artist like Sarkasi Said, who have been using the batik media for years without technology assistance and yet created a name for himself in this industry.

Do the new generation of artist need to find ways to manipulate the technology media to create somethig for this century?


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