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Monday, April 6, 2009

Are you a good person...?

Hours after watching the movie "7 Pounds", I still cant get over the fact about the sacrifice "Ben" - the main character played by Wills Smith, had done after tragedy struck him months before. Though some may find it to be cliche but I was just pondering, will there be such a person..? Yah okay... I am pretty sure the tragedy that struck him can really devastated anyone but would anyone be bother enough to go into the hassle of finding all those people that deserve "my body parts"..?? Well, you can say thats Hollywood... But what struck me most was the irony of his renewed relationship with a dying lady "Emily" who's days are numbered unless she got a new heart... And no prizes for guessing who's heart save her... Some memorable scene for me will be, the time Ben's decided to "do it" because he doesnt want to lose the girl he love again... And the touching moment when Emily got to know whose heart save her life... that scene was really touching.... except may be the dog should not be around licking her face...sheeeshh yuucckk....


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