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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bad Odour...

Lastweek after my fishing trip, my car seems to developed a terrible odour. Even after reinstalling new Airfreshener, it doesnt seem to help. So I spent the whole afternoon cleaning up the car interior and boot and sure enough the source was a leftover bait from my fishing toolbox that was not cleared properly. It have stained the boot carpet and it stink big time. So I gave a call to my fishing buddies to check if they have experienced the same problem and here's what they advised me to use to get rid of the smell. All I need are some households items like: Charcoal, Coffee Grounds & Vinegar.
I tried the charcoal and it works. No need for expensive air fresheners or professional car cleaner. Just a simple house charcoal. Here is what I did. After the mess has been properly cleaned the carpet or fabric, I placed a bag of charcoal in the car boot. I left it there for a day and thats it. The smell is gone!! Do you know Charcoal is one of the best natural products that you can use to absorb and get rid of odours, and the best thing is, you can still use the charcoal for outdoor grilling.
As for the Coffee Grounds & Vinegar, I have yet to use it. I hope I dont need to...


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