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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another Adobe Power tool..

I was a Freehand fanatics for alot of my design years to the extent of using Freehand to create publication artwork instead of the publication tool like the pagemaker . But after moving on to using InDesign, I realised this is the design software that works for me. I loved the transparency effect in InDesign much more than Freehand, and the Eyedropper tools is really cool to use. It saves me alot of time. This software is definitely going to be Adobe main revenue puller in the years to come, along with their established Photoshop PhotoDigital Software. The best about InDesign is that, it caters for the end prepress printing setup. It creates pagination imposition for files to be send for offset printing, Hires pdf for print can be accurately setup with all the details required, no more fonts issues like those in Freehand, and this is very important for print product as it will be a case of whether you get paid for the job done or you get rejects and bear the brunt of the print cost incurred. The best design tool for me... for now.


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