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Monday, October 13, 2008

Salawati the movie

I viewed the movie over the weekend and here is my sincere take on it. Overall the storyline was quite okay. Some reviews states the movie as being a little slow and dragging in pace. But I found it to be quite ok. Though my missus falls a sleep at one point but overall I find it to be quite enjoyable. The use of preparing Sharin ( the dead boy) body for burial as the intro and closure of the movie was quite good. Though some may say a little cliche. I also felt certain part of the movie could be have more impact if the actors could have carried the moment better. Not looking down on the actors' ability, I felt the part where Zaidi (Salawati father in the movie) was relating to his wife, the memories he had with his dead son during his younger days could be better portrayed. He seems to be so much script driven to the extent of being quite unreal and rigid in his acting. Having said that, I realised that most of the actors are actually looks script driven too. But I have to give credit the guy who plays the Despatch rider, I thought he carried his part quite well. And Maznah did well too and I really thought the moment when she was packing her dead son's belonging could have been extended to show more of her emotion. Such a waste of situation to make it too short.
Overall like I mentioned that I do enjoys the show and I was quite surprised to see the muted response from our viewers. This is because I was there with only 3 other couples sharing the cinema hall.., talking about empty spaces..


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