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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Yes... I got it

I have got the iPhone.... Yes, in my earlier blog, I wrote a negative review about the iPhone but the gadget is far too tempting for me not to own and try it.. or may be I am just a sucker for Apple stuff. Well here is my honest take on the iPhone.
I have signed up the 2gig Data plan and took the 16gb iPhone. As per normal syncing the iPhone to all my other gadget was a breeze. For a start I have been using a Macbook and a G4 station for a while, years infact. The browser is easy to setup. Using the WIFI from my home modem was just as easy as keying in the WEP password, and the iPhone will remembers this and automatically link to this WIFI whenever I am home. Ditto this setup at work too. The 3G gives me access to web anywhere and it works smoothly even when I am in JB. The camera though 2megapixels, do captures quite presentable pixs. Or maybe the large screen does help in making the pix looks good. I have download a couple of movies and viewing it was quite pleasantly enjoyable. Though it does take up the battery life quite abit...then again most smart phones do not have good battery life, rite? And the 3rd party Applications available was amazing. So many to choose from. From education to business to games to softwares and the list goes on...and on. So far after using it for about 3 weeks, I am quite happy with it. What I like most about the iPhone are:
1. Good screen resolution.
2. Many interesting application application can be downloaded via the iTunes. (and most are FREE)
3. Checking emails was never a problem anymore
4. Internet access was not an issue anymore.
5. Personalised ringtones can be easily created in iTunes.
6. All the applications are very userfriendly.
What I dislike about owning the iPhone:
1. SMSing can be quite a pain... or may be I just need to get used to it. (from button to touch screen)
2. The black backing and screen can be easily smudged during handling.
3. Battery life can be quite depressing, ( but there are ways to improve it...)
4. But most of all Singtel charges for the data plan is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE... :(


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