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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The iPhone...y

Well, atlast the most hyped-up item in the world is here.. the iPhone 3G. I got the confirmation from Singnet after placing a reservation for the phone but now... I have my "reservation" about getting it too. Like what I mentioned in my earlier posting, the pricing that Singnet tagged with the iPhone plays a vital factor in enticing the real user to the real suckers. Cause if you are parting with your N95, the E71, the Omnia or the HTC Diamond, think real hard.. as what I stated below may help you from putting up your iPhone on Ebay in the coming weeks ahead.
To be constructive in my opinion, I will label the "Lacking features" to 2 segments, the "Wish List" and the "Basic List". This is only fair as you can grab any phone in the market and started to ...."I wish it will have this...bla..bla...bla.." So here are the list:

"The Basic List"
1. The iPhone cannot be used as a hard drive storage device. Why huh? What do you expect to with all the storage space?? Listen to music from here all the way to KL? Are Singaporean that free?
2. No MMS and Video Conferencing facility. And NO VIDEO recording.Talk about lack in basic.
3. You cannot delete individual sms and recent call list. NOW... you got to be more careful with those sms and nos that you call. Not good for those that have alot to hide from.
4. No voice and speed dialling feature. Thats it, no more making those radio dedication calls from the iPhone.
5. No voice and video recording. Bluetooth limited to earphone to talk.
6. FM Radio. This is a basic feature for me as I loved the radio when I travelled on public transport. I guess the iPhone wants me to surf the radio online huh?
7. No Video player... (truth is, I am not sure about this.. got to cheeck again and revert later)
And my "Wish List" are
1. Camera should be updated to 3.2 mega pixel or upto 5 mega pixel.
2. No LED Light for better picture for camera in night. Why stevie??
3. No voice dialling. Some my not like the toucj=h screen, so this feature should be available.
4. No Messanger for Chatting. Ok for those that needs a life...
It is not complete 3G iPhone, thats my take.
There you go.. you decide if you are willing to part with your money and help the retail sector or look at your exisitng phone and see what it got that the iPhone cant do... Just dont compare the looks...


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