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Monday, July 14, 2008

They just dont get it...

The routine that comes after Sunday is something that everyone have to face whether they like it or not. Its WORK, DEADLINE & CHECKING SCHEDULES for submission etc etc etc.

But what really pissed me off is being given a "FALSE DEADLINE". This is when some superior asshole makes you work your butt off, burning your weekend and all only to be told later,: "Its a job well done... but you know what... I got good news for you! I have managed to pushed the deadline 1 week later so we can comes out another visual!!!". And they waited for me to give him a rounding applause.

They just dont seem to realise, that its not a favour done. Its a opportunity lost to maximise your time.. and very demoralising.

And I comes across, one too many "nobrainer", personnel who just dont seem to understand why must they have to give this "FALSE DEADLINE". I get very upset when they did this.

So my advise to "DEADLINE RECEIVERS", pls ask them for the "TRUE DEALINE" before you embark on any project.. because most of these Project Managers dont understand time will makes the difference... they just dont get it...


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