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Friday, July 4, 2008

What self-denial is...

What is self-denial... It is the denying of truth within self, not for the sake of a greater good to self, but for the sake of good to what others will see. This is really denying self.

Some may look at it as a real sacrifice of self-interest, from disinterested motives; that is, from a singleness of eye, to glorify one deed, and do what they think is good to others.

We all do experienced this during the undulating route of our lives.. whether we like it or not. Some are able to do it better than others. And some may use it as a mission to accomplished the glorification of God. While others are just born in self-denial. But whatever it is, there are times when we have to be truthful to oneself to be able to live life full or we will be forever be life's fool...


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