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Friday, June 20, 2008

Nokia N78... Dont buy it yet....

Today I returned the Nokia N78 phone to hardwarezone office after being a appointed as a "Trial User" for a week. I got to admit, the new features are quite interesting. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first,.. as I got a bad experience from my previous N73 but surprisingly I was beginning to grow into it.

The FM transmitter was interesting but not really beneficial to me. Unless you want to want to fool around in the bus or MRT by changing people's radio channel at your own free will. Cheap thrill, I say.

Personally I would recommend to you guys who likes:
1. Listening to music using your phone
2. Using your phone as a camera
3. Surfing the net using WIFI
4. And changing other's radio channel without them knowing

What sucks (or may be I am sucks technically):
1. GPS setting is hard to configure
2. Transition from one application to the other is slow
3. Feels like a plastic toy phone
4. And the keypads is painful to use

What's cool:
1. The overall looks (at the expense of the keypad design)
2. The 3.5mm earphone jack

I will put up my feedback report to hardwarezone later for you guys ro read. But if you ask me ... To buy or not to buy..??? Go for the E series.. the latest I heard the latest E71 has a 3megapixel camera too.


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