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Friday, June 27, 2008

Handphones display....

I am always looking forward for Friday.. especially the nasi sambal goreng at Masjid Hang Jebat. Its awesome and cheap too. But it can get a little over filling so my advise is to take after the solat Jumaat... Takut tak Khusyuk sembahyang nanti dah kenyang. Dengar Khutbah tertidur pulak.. but please do not come to Masjid Hang Jebat for the nasi sambal goreng only.. The ambience is cool too.

But what disturb me the most is the Handphones display when its time for Jumaat Prayer.. I really do not understand why cant we place the phone in our pocket? Do we need to place in front of us when we are praying? It can still be distracting even though it on silent. How can you not to be distracted by a swirling phone in vibrating mode... sheesh.

Sometimes, I try to find a reason for this act... Is it their pants is too tight for then to place the phone in? So when you are not praying, don't tell me you hold the phone all the time.. You have to put it somewhere rite? or what other reason is there...? I could not think of any other reason. Pleaasee dont make it a habit guys.. I will definitely get distracted if I saw an iPhone on the sejadah... habis lah my solat.. minus points.


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