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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Not an entitlement but it is a privileged...

There is alot of things that you can do in this life. But only how much you would get appreciated is the issue. The irony is that, the things that you do out of loved could never be measured in any form, its a selfless act with no strings attached. It could be just a phone call, an email, a postcard or just a note to say “Hi” but the main question is, how is the reaction that comes from the other receiving end.

I personally felt a little disappointed with a couple of people closed to me that I felt was a little insensitive to the whole act of being cared for. Do we need to be taught how to react to someone who show you that they care for you... Or are we too individualistic or arrogant to think that this is something that we should received in the first place. or do we just take advantage of the situation knowing that someone who cares and loved you will always do this act even though you take it for granted.  A simple “SINCERE thanks” is not natural respond as I DESERVE to be treated this way. We feel that, we are there at top of the hierarchy and the only way is to look is: DOWN. Is that what we are now?

I think I have had enough of this. To  be loved is not an entitlement but it is a privileged given by someone who really cares for you. Appreciate it while you can. May be we are too self confident to think that there will always be someone who cares me... but just imagine if that is not true ..


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