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Sunday, July 6, 2008

about true friendship

The thing about friendship is quite unique. It has a no boundariies. The bond that builds up during the process is created along the way from one common interest. Just like my Fishing buddies. They came from all walks of life, Teachers, Technician, Courier Guys, and many more. But here we are coming all the way from different parts of Singapore, in the wee hours of the morning, just to enjoy each other company in a floating vessel, for atleast 8hours, away from land. No tv, no internet, no noisy automobiles and best of all no stress.

I was at the verge of being strike-off from the group list after I got myself distracted with something, that I think, was not really worthwhile for couple of weeks. I neglected them for quite a while. Did not return their call, never reply their sms, That was a big mistake... But I was forgiven. There you go, nothing like your fishing buddies, they are one of a kind. I managed to get myself reconnected again with them yesterday and we are planning for another trip soon. Really looking forward to it.

Thats the thing about true friendship, it can never be easily broken.. unlike most other things in life.


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