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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

No Air...

I was with a friend who just got a Macbook Air after subscribing to Singnet Broadband. Well he need to topup about $1.2K to be able to received the Air in that promotion. Usually subscribers like myself will just get the Macbook.

After doing abit of calculations and getting on-hand test on the Air, I think it is quite a worthwhile investment. I never thought the Air can be quite fast in terms of speed in doing work with inDesign and Photoshop.

And of all the new features that they have in the Leopard (the latest OS for Mac), the "Time Machine" is the one that I found most impressive. For those who are not aware, the Time Machine only exist in the Apple Leopard Operating System. It is an application where it auto backup your files or if you ever need to retrieve or recover lost files. This application will virtually takes you back in time to retrieve it. And the interface is cool too.

But to utilise the use of the Time Machine, you need to have an external hardisk for this application. This will segregate the storage away from your main hardisk. That to me is a big set-back. I would'nt want to be carrying extra luggage when, in the first place, the reason of using a laptop is to make myself more light. Though I think you can partition its internal hardisk space to use the Time Machine, but the built-in storage for the Air is not really generous, only 80gb. So to partition it for the Time Machine will be too costly for its inbuilt space.

Another major point to note is that, the Air does not a disc drive.

Though I did not manage to get more time on the Air, (as most Mac owners are very possessive about their Mac products), I still think the Air is great for play and practical for work too. I know some will say that I am bias as I have been a Mac nerd for years but.. hey show a PC product that can convince me to think otherwise.


Blogger Raymond said...

Think you are right about all the pros of the machine, only cons i see is your pocket is kind of "AIRed" after the purchase......hahaha

July 9, 2008 at 5:18 PM  
Blogger macuser said...

Ya man Ray... Thaats is what Stevviiie Job is good at at.. making money for Apple.

July 9, 2008 at 6:46 PM  

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