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Monday, July 7, 2008

you are allowed to dream

Couple of weeks back, I managed to get myself to watched this movie together with my missus and my teenage daughter. Adila. Well, actually I was coaxed into watching this by my other half. But it turns out to be an experienced. As per normal, Adila was enjoying every moment of it and My wife was all teary after the show, which means she enjoyed it too.

But what I found most interesting was the fact that, the movie potrays ladies to be more sensitive, self-sacrificing, deceitful, smart and caring all in one mould. And the guy, well, just say that he had to even give a love letter send to him by an admirer, to his teacher to decide what to do with it... Quite sad huh, for a guy, in this show..

Anyway, looking from a perspective a guy who is good enough to be a father-in-law to someone, I managed to find a message in this movie which will benefit all you guys..( or male youth for that matter ). The message is,.. be good and nice to whoever, wherever as you never know who is watching. But then, it makes your deed kind of fake is it? So the thing is, be sincere and just hope a rich man's daughter is watching you.. Well boys, you are allowed to dream once a while.

But I actually liked the theme song, sang by Rossa. The tune seems nice, checked it out here..


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