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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Its a justified concern...

I have come across articles pertaining to foreign talents in Singapore. And most of it reflects the concern of how these foreign talents are depriving Singaporean of the right to jobs and livelihood. Its a justified concern and as a Singaporean I can empathise with them. I myself am surrounded by a few of them. A couple of them from India, China & Philippines. Its been about a couple of years now since they first came and work in my company.

And after working with them for a while I conclude that there are a few things that I find quite beneficial for me to share with all.

Most of them seems very enthusiastic and full of drive to the extent of forgoing any social life. This I can understand, as most of them are here all alone and their main aim are to earn as much as possible to meet their financial commitment. As most of them took financial loan to work overseas and hope to make good of their endeavour. They are also more willing to try new things and are always willing to stayed longer in office to complete a given task. Kind of reminding me when I started working years ago.

I guess I felt good with all these guys around me as, with all the enthusiasm and drives that they brought with them, it helps to re-ignite the fire within me that got lost somewhere along the road of my career. They also provide me with the challenged to justify my presence in my company as being relevant. That means I cant slackened. That to me is good. So though many may complain about their presence, I on the other hand, are looking at their presence as a time to reflect about oneself attitude towards our working life.


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