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Monday, July 28, 2008

I dont believe it....

Dont expect anything fantastic from this new episode of the X-files movie. After the wait of about 6 years, the outcome is totally disappointing. I would have waited another 6 years if Chirs Carter would just comes up with something as extraordinary, as the first movie. The acting is bad, the plot is shallow - to the point of being predictable, though the entrance of "Skinner" at the last few minutes managed to lift the show abit to me, I totally give this movie a 2 thumbs down. Even "Dexter" (new drama series about a guy with psychotic killing problem) is total better in term of plot and acting. Makes me wonder why do Chris Cater would have bothered with all the hype about keeping the plot details a closely kept secret... unless they dont want the viewers to know how lousy-shit the movie is...


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