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Monday, September 29, 2008

Its really okay...

There was once a gardener who works in a big mansion. His duty was to fetch water daily from the river to be used for the mansion keeps. The river was situated below a hill slope behind the mansion. The gardener uses 2 vases tied to a pole and carries it over his shoulder for this duty. But the thing is, one of the vase got a slight crack and whenever the gardener reached the mansion, the vase with the slight crack will naturally contained less water upon reaching the mansion.
This continues for months. Until the cracked vase voices out to the gardener: " I am sorry that I cant give you the full amount of water that you wanted Mr Gardener. Its just that this crack is making it difficult for me.." saying with a sigh.. But the gardener replied: "Its really okay.. do you know that because of the sight cracked, the plant along your side of your hill slope all blossom with flowers because of the water that dripped out of it. And I plucked them up to decorate the mansion. this made my master very happy, thanks to you.."
Morale of the story is... it ok if you have a "slight crack" in yourself. You never knows what benefit it can brings to others around you.


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