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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A unique affair..

Mixed marriages are inevitable in a multi racial society like Singapore. It can be quite a good thing if look at it positively. It helps to extend the bonding to another circle of community with the loving couple as the link between the two. It can be a unique affair celebrating occasion on different platforms. The only sensitive issue facing the couple ultimately is the way religion govern the relationship. Be it Islam, Christianity, Buddist or Hindu. The couple ultimately have to make grave sacrifices to make the bonding a reality. And these will have an adverse impact on their lives, as I have personally seen happened to a couple recently. I empathise with them as the dilemma can be quite a toll on you. On one hand, you are looking at a lifetime of bliss with the one you loved and on the other hand you need to accommodate the views of narrow minded friends and relatives who may sometimes be just hypocritical judges on other lives. Families torn apart, bonds are broken and shattered, all on the suffice to fit in a community. Please do not interpret my opinion as condoning cohabiting. What I can advise is to couple in this situation is, look at your priority in life. Are you able to sacrifice your life to sustain the relationship?. Only then you are able to make these bond comes true.


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