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Friday, January 16, 2009

Its a global market...

I have been using the iPhone for about 5months now. And the only gripe I got with it is the battery life span. Most of its features like:
1. Wifi
2. Video App
3. Email Access
4. Internet
5. Music
they are all fine....
But the best of all are the Applications downloads features.
Most of the points from 1 to 5 will probably available on other phone like the Omnia and others. But the Apps are not, am pretty sure about that, pls correct me if I am wrong. Now I realised that Apps creators are making it good with their creation. With cost as US$0.99, these people can easily make hundreds of thousand if their Apps are popular. This can happen, as the market for these Apps are Global. I, myself have paid for some Apps for my iPhone. May be we should start thinking of a niche Apps that can be marketed to cater for the iPhone... Lets go for it, before it gets too late. And all this can happen only from Apple, thanks Steve Jobs for the opportunity..:)


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