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Monday, October 20, 2008

My Story...

This happened to me about 9 or 10 years ago. During that time life was quite good to me. Happily married with 3 kids and with a stable job ( as if..) and good life. The only problem is that I was living on borrowed dreams. Literally borrowed dreams... meaning car was on loan, house was on loan, luxury appliances at home was on loan too. Come to think of it my "Happily Married Life" was actually on loan too. So when the internet bubble burst... it practically burst the "Happy Family life" bubble that I have been living all this while. The day I was retrenched, I stayed in my car at the parking lot, still holding on to the retrenchment letter, for about 2 hours thinking what have really happened. Then it dawn on me that borrowed dreams are just not something that you should live on. It was hell after that... adjustment to a different lifestyle was quite a pain. Kids that have been pampered just would not understand why going to MacDonald for a meal was a luxury. Discussion about household issues with the missus always turns into heated arguments. Friends starts to be getting less and less with each passing day. The blessing from all this is that, you will soon be able able to see your true friends from the other. So when life pushed to the corner of the wall, I learned to fight back. Telling myself there is no way I am going to be stuck there and play dead as there are so many people, especially my family, that are depending on me to persevere and pulls them thru all this. And Alhamdulliah I did... with much difficulty. The way I overcome is to work double or triple as hard as before. I taken up low paying jobs.. do alot of freelancing till late nights and to the extent of not even sleeping for 2 days in a row. I learned to be prudent and invest my money on courses to upgrade my skills and equipment relating to work. And yes.. I tried MLM marketing too... from Unicity, Usana, Revell, CNI and many more. The good thing from all these MLM marketing is the was they teach you about business and how to create networking. I have to admit, I benefited alot from their seminars and gatherings. The lesson I learnt from all these experience is that, never be to sure about depending on others to run your life. Even now, being employed, I am still not sure if it is bliss as you will never know when the letter will come. But atleast I will be more prepared. So thats the more reason for me still want to have the freedom of being able to live my on true dreams and not on borrowed ones...


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