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Monday, April 13, 2009

How do I start??

When the government warns about the gloomy market sentiments, they were not kidding... I can see that the electronic sectors was the hardest hit. Then the retail, the travel sector, the property and the list goes on... Then my question is... if there is no business to do business... what are we supposed to do??? Then it struck me KAPOOWW!!! haallooo... there are sector that will still be in demand no matter what... People need to eat (just try to avoid Indian Rojak or may be Seafood Steamboat too), we need to get medical treatment, we still need to get education, need to get lawyers for divorce cases (no point living with freeloaders), need to get connected on the net and get those early accidental movie release and save on movie tickets... there you go... the lists goes on. So go into these areas and there will still be money to be made... Now how do I start..????


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