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Monday, April 20, 2009

Road King...

"WHATT!!! You did a figure of 8 flat on road??!!... ha ha ha " well this is is what I overheard a guy talking to his friend, who obviously going thru the trauma of getting his class 2b motorbike lessons.. Yup, I have my traumatic experience too... Imagine doing a wheely on a motorbike and then seeing your bloodless face in the rear view mirror while lying on the road. Yeah, that is one experienced that I will never forget... From then on my goal of getting the mere 2B motorbike license was an uphill task... Got marked by the instructors as the "Wheely King" at the driving centre. But perseverance prevail and I got it at last.. Thats was 25years ago.. and I still cherish it. With the high cost of owning a four wheels may be I need to downgrade to a 2-wheeler.. Alas, beware the "Wheely King" is back on the road..


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