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Monday, June 1, 2009

Be a real Family...

Last Saturday was supposed to be the day that we should have dinner with the family. Another one of those National Campaign to build family bonding. Its a good initiative no doubt, but have we ever tried to look at the whole picture? Or is this going to be another one of those futile campaign where everyone will just go through the motion with no significant meaning in their action. Ok, lets see... mummy & daddy cooks for kids, everyone sits together for dinner,. eat,.. daddy ask son, "hows school?", son replied: "Its still there..., not closed yet", Daddy asked daughter: "hows school", daughter replied: "Yes, its still there too..", Mummy ask son: "Hows the food?" son replied: "its ok, have not suffered the stomach ache yet.." Mummy ask daughter: "Hows food?" Daughter replied: "Not as good as the hawker's centre food that we usually had.." continued eating and wash-up. Thats it family bonding... The real truth is most families just needs to work the extra hours just to make ends meets. And if the family is lucky, where only Daddy will be working, dinner for most daddy will be around 9pm. I just find these campaign a little superficial. The real truth is, I believe, the standard of living here is a little too high for one to have LUXURY moments of having family dinner together for most of the the time. Thats is why as a Muslim I loved the month of Ramadan (the fasting month). During which, most will observe the break of fasting time and have dinner together, be it with family or friends. I guess we need to prioritise with discipline, and may be someone should look into the high cost of living here for a normal average earner could have the time and spend quality time with the family... And create real bonding...


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