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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Good Apps for iPhone

Here are two of the Apps that I found to be very useful and good in features.

The first App is the Singtel Data Usage. I have come across cases of people who sign up for Data plan from Singtel but have yet knows how to really gauge on the usage. And there are letters to the forum saying how they being charge as high as $500 - $800 per month for their unintentionally excessive usage of their data plan. So this App (for iPhone only) helps us to keep track of our usage. And I found this to be useful and informative. Make me manage my usage and bills better.

The second App is the "AlQuran" to be mistaken for the "iQuran"... The latter is much better. With better audio and clearer translation, personally, I find this App is a much better version than the "iQuran".


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