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Friday, November 6, 2009

Its that time of the year...

Its been a while since i put up something here... Been slacking quite abit. Never thought anyone would be interested to read my blog anyway,.. until someone just email me and say:."hey, I have been to your blog...'" and I say: "WHATTT!!! its been about 5 months since my last posting... Talk about having a writers' blog (its supposed to be "Block").. well, yeah ok its lame bigtime... I know. What do you expect from someone who have not been writing for months.. Anyway its year end, I have to attend to stress-up Wife as kid's are having their final exams. Its been routine for every year during this exam period, jittery, sleepless, insomnia and severe headache.. and this is from the Mum not the kids. The kids... well... they are fine.. Revising History with iPods plug-in on both ears.. Wonder how they do it?? I guess they not only able to partition their System hardisk,.. They are able to to it to their brain too.. Cooolll. For me, they are fine... No worries. I just to make sure my supply of cup noodles are abundant at this time..


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