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Friday, November 19, 2010

Putar Alam...

When I saw this movie review in the net a couple of months back,.. I told myself, hmmm.. this could be the Malay Movie that could give the late Yasmin a challenge for all the good social drama movies that she have done so far. Not many directors have managed to achieved, what Yasim have achieved in her short movie-direction life span. But... was I wrong.

I saw the movie yesterday with my better-half. And yes.. like what a reviewer have written about it.. it was just made for a music video. May be except for the acting of Suhaila Salam (as Adam the main character) and Rosnah Johari (the mother), the rest of the actors performance were probably good enough for Schools Play combining Barney the Purple Dinosaur. There's no depth in the acting, no life, nothing came out even in scene where an award could have been given if carried out well. Its just too shallow not even a goldfish could have survive in. Its shameful to even proclaimed this to movie to be able to pull in million of dollars, Probably milllions of Rupiah could be more realistic target.

No doubt, the Essence and the story line was a juicy topic to start with. Its just needed a good well-rounded director on the par with the late Yasmin to make this a movie to be reckon with. Go on, all those budding directors out there.. take this topic up and make good this DuaAlam movie again. As for the Director who have done this.. I could only say to you: Dont be Putar Alam lah...


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