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Friday, February 26, 2010

Rolling stones...

Gall stone is unknowingly very common occurrence in anyone. Just pick someone on the street and run the test on him/her and you bound to see presence of gallstone in them. What makes mine special is that, it tends to creep out from the gall bladder and got stuck in the bile duct... thats when the pain attack will come. This occurred 3 times for the past 10years.. so atlast, got the stone and the Gall bladder removed yesterday..
Now I got a 4 punctured holes and a bloated stomach from the surgery done to removed my gall bladder. Dont believed anyone who says, the procedure was not that bad. It was painfully bad after the surgery. Your throat hurts, you'll felt nausea, pain and giddy for the whole night. Only gets better a day later.
Felling much better now but needs to get this wound dressing changed. There is no way for you to avoid this. But then there are others stones occurrence in your body that you need to worry too... like the kidney stone and the appendicitis. Talking about rolling stones...


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