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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Got to be here again

My loved for Port Dickson can never fade away. The sun, sea and the variety of food is always something to look out for. And it not too far away to drive from Spore. Even though some people are saying that you can get a similar experienced or better in Terengganu, but the distance travelling is something that have always put me off. My last trip to PD was a little short. Well come to think of it, it was never enough. And I realised this time the locals here are getting more enterprising, there seems to be more sea activities for the visitors. Thats good. Atleast it shows that they are more proactive it making the place a memorable venue to stay and have a good time.

My family do enjoy the scenic view of the sunset. Especially my daughter, she is like me. She loves the serenity of nature's beauty at it best. My boys seems to loves the water activities, the pool, the seas, canoeing the rustic outdoor dinner by the beach.

Got to be here again soon. And try out another hotel by the beach..


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