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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Added life...

The biggest gripe about the iPhone and may be all smartphone is it's battery life. People who have tried the N series, the HP Compac, Samsung Omnia have experienced the same old thing of dwindling battery life within a day or less with normal usage.

But after going thru the Forum and reading feedback and suggestions, I managed to extend my iPhone battery life to 2 days of normal usage after 100% charge. These is what I did:

1. Wifi, 3G & Data Roamimng
I switched all these off when not in use, And on it when I need it. Yes it can be cumbersome but why leave it on? When 80% of the time you are not even using it? Wifi is for internet excess,.. Are you on the net all the time..?, I am not. And the 3G, basically this is for better downloading and faster net excess. So it goes hand in hand with the wifi. And data roaming is yet another element required for net excess. It helps you to connect to the net and when this is off, you wont be able to get excess. This is good practise if you frequent overseas, (like to JB). As the Data Roaming charges can be very high over there.

After switching off these 3 items, I can get the iPhone to be able to last me for 2 days without charging. Yes, there will instances where the usage of the iPhone is not a norm, like if you watch 3 movies, and listening to music for 5 hours or more. But I am pretty sure, these suggestions above will atleast helps you in your abnormal use of the iPhone...


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