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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"Take That" You iPhone Suckers!!!

Its nice to see for once the consumer are now at the helm of the pricing war. Be it the launching of the iPhone or the rights to the BPL soccer channels, the service provider are now turning ups and downs in trying to find the best marketing plan so as to woo subscribers over. With names like Flexi-lite, iPhone Value, Power value etc etc..

But I got to admit, M1 seems to comes out with a very peculiar marketing plan that seem to stands out from the rest. Its called "Take 3". And the reason for Plan name is: 1. take a phone, 2. take a plan and 3. take it home.. thus: take 3... How lame can you get..,-.- Ok all you guys at M1.. go an "Take 5" before you ever comes out with another plan like this. And the worst part of it, after going thru the details and waiting for half an hour for a customer service to answer my queries, the plan really sucks. I would just "Take it Back". M1 should just name the plan "Rent-de-iPhone-Service". Okay, the catch is good.. take the iPhone for $0.. yeah FREE!!!!... Only to be informed that you have to return it after the contract ends... Huh ??? ITS NOT YOURS TO CALL YOUR OWN... its the first kind of Plan here..!!! Unique right!!!...:( Well.. "Take that" to all those iPhone suckers... You kena "Take by M1" this time..


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