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Saturday, February 6, 2010

What did we actually see...

Sitting here on my hospital bed.. I recalled a story I heard couple of years back....

There was once a young man wounded during war. Being seriously wounded, he could only lay on his bed n watched others around him. But his attention falls solely on this guy, whose bed was beside a window. Every morning n evening he would gazed outside the window for hours n only falls back in his bed with a satisfying smile of pure pleasure. Like he was just given a new lease of life..

One morning the young soldier could not resist no more and asked him: "Whats it like out there..?.. The guy turns around slowly and said: "Its beautiful, the grass is green, the lakes are beautiful, birds and butterflies flying all over the place..", he smiled n turned around looking out the window again. The young soldier could only thank him with a tinge of envy.. And this goes on daily n every question the young soldier asked, will always be answered with description of beautiful landscapes, sunsets and colourful flowers decorating the fields..

But one morning the young soldier woke up to see nurses clearing the bed of the guy by the window... He instantly asked the nurse: "Where did he go..?". The nurse replied softly: "He died yesterday.." There was silence for a while.. The young soldier felt lost n deprived.. He just cannot help selfishly thinking: "How is he going to know what's going on out there..?" Then he politely asked the nurse: "Can you help transfer me to that bed..?".. The nurse replied: "Ok".. And the young soldier was transferred to the bed by the window.

He lays there for a while.. with his heart thumping.. Like a young child, waiting for a present.. Then he eagerly pull himself up towards the window.. Full of anticipation... But when he reached up the window.. He could not believed what he saw... There was nothing out there but a wornout bricked-wall facing him back.. He stand there stunned for a couple of minutes, with a sole question in his head: "Why did he lied to me all this time?"... Then after a while,.. his frowned slowly turned into a smile.. He realised, that guy was actually saving his life.

We could actually paint as many beautiful pictures we want in our mind, and this could decide how hard we will try to get it in our life.. The need so much to see the beautiful lakes, flowers, butterflies and the beautiful sunset, helps the young soldier to fight injury and live for that moment... We should all create that beautiful pics in our mind and strive to see this at the end of our lives, no matter if there was a grey-brick wall we are facing now..