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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Going by the numbers..

"...This is despite the Government's efforts to boost birth rates. As a result, topping up the population through immigration is necessary, Mr Lee said yesterday..." reported in ST Mobile.

Though its not something new, but a press statement to reflect on a "Topping Up" policy to boost population, does clears the air about how Spore Govt is rectifying the population growth issues. Though it looks like a "Short term" problem solving policy. It gives me the impression that we are dire straits to get this corrected. Wonder why?

I, actually, preferred our small island to be less populated... the bigger the family, the bigger the headache. Thus the small family unit from a more affluent couple. More often said, Quantity may not always be better that quality.

As it is, with the present population, there's already too much of negative social issues we are facing now and with added unfamiliar immigrants topping up the masses... I wonder how this would actually helps us in Spore.. besides enhancing numbers...hmmmm?


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