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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Polys or JCs..?

The dreadful time of "O" Level results are here and gone. I have heard of loss of sleep, nervousness, praying the whole night etc etc. I can understand what these kids are going thru. Its one of the many crossroads of these kids life. The ones that will ultimately shaped you to be who you are.

After the dust have settled... I guess most would prefer the Polys as it seems more interesting and fun to be in. No uniforms, no stressful studies, no GP paper and so on. But dont these kids knows,..? Once you've gone thru JC,. the rest are a walk in the park.. Not that I have experienced it but thats what most who have gone thru it,.. said it.. And you got a chance at a Degree after that... But then again if your results are good enough...:(

So the choice are still theirs to make, and as parents you have a chance to say your views but never impose on them..

But most importantly,.. to all these kids.. go to school again... Yes, thats the way. Get off the already tight labour force market. Stay in school and depend on their parents for another 3years. This will delay the influx of competition for jobs in the workforce. Is this good..? ..or.. bad..? Not sure..


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