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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Dont even have one...

Reputation is a general perception of how someone view another person. Whether its going to be good or bad, its all depends on how we have lived our life in public eyes. But any good reputation is as fragile as a crystal glass at the edge of a table. A slight mishandling, and it will falls shatters beyond repair. And if by means out of this world, it was put back together, it will never never be the same as it was before.
No matter how well and how long, you have build it up, all it takes is a slight misdeeds and you send your reputation shattered on the floor, beyond repair. Just look at what have happen to some of the reputable person caught in this situation.. the college Principal, the scholar student and am sure there are many more...
I guess the next time you felt like doing a misdeed, look at what kind of reputation you have build up... or it doesnt really matter to you. As you dont even have one to start with..


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