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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Be a real Idol to someone...

American Idol contestant Chris Medina was sent packing home but his presence will be felt forever. When I saw his first audition, and the story behind his life with his fiancee, I felt touch. Like most normal people would have felt. Here is guy who have shown a kind of conviction that not many would have been able to do. Personally to me, he is a walking example of what true love, sacrifices, commitment, dedication and lastly an unselfish soul on earth. A kind that you will never meet often in your life. So why does he get to be sent home, you may ask? Why life have to be so unfair? Well, for a start, life have never been and will never be fair. There could be a blessing in disguise here... could it be if his journey continues, he might not be able to spend more time with his fiancee as what he have been able to do now. And with the corrupted, sleazy, glamour world of fame in US, he might changed for the worst... So I guess, to me , he already won the title as the True American Idol, should be.., and now that everybody have seen how he is now, its good for him to go and leave with a message that everyone needs to emulate,.. So go on,.. and be an Idol to the one that truly adore and love you for what you are...


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