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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Its been quite a while since I pen down or may the correct term will be "keyed down" my thoughts in this beloved blog of mine. Just too many things have happened for the past 3 years or so. Kids grown up, some closed friends and relatives have demised. Perspective in life seems to be in a different light now. You just hope that you have given the best you can to the people you care and loved. There seems to be more time to spent with your better half. Thats actually is quite nice to do. 

Those times when you need to be spending late nights at office seems to be diminishing. Either you are getting better at what you do or you getting less jobs due to your age. Hmm, I go for the former irregardless… haha. Your priorities are different now,.. Speaking to my eldest son, whose 28 now, I can see that his view on life and future is totally quite the opposite of mine. Listening to him is like going thru dejavu.. He's talking about housing, upgrading his career, financial matters.. etc etc.. When I come to think of it, its quite normal for him to be like that. Its the progression of life. Wheww…:) I am glad its over for me now.. but there are other issues thats needs ironing out..

There will be issues that, will raise questions,.. like what happened when your CPF account turns into Retirement Account?,.. What will happen to your housing mortgage loan?, Will you be able to able to use your CPF for your kids tertiary studies? Huh..:) guess it is still not a walk in the park yet for me.. Well I will get all these questions answered once I meet the CPF officer later these few months.. Am turning 55, the golden number that all SIngaporean are looking forward to.. But sad to say, the golden number seem to reflect the sentiment of gold now.. its depressing.

Nonetheless I still got to be really thankful for what life have given, alhamdulillah. Kids are all grownup and sufficiently educated. I am still in good stead to be able to enjoy life with soul mate, watching late night movies and enjoying few hours chat over double chocolate, alfresco dinner at Taman Rinting JB, well am thankful. My advise is to all, keep the hobby alive.. never neglect what you loved to do. Fishing is one of hobbies, beside watching movie, reading & painting..

Now I have more time to go fishing with my buddies. And yes, I got a cat.. to top it all..:) Talking about being too free… or being dumb with time.. going for the former again.. haha.


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