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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thank you for the life experience...

There will be countless of people that will come into your life in one way or the other. They will be there for reasons beyond your explanations. There are times you may feel some of them are godsend to you. And at times you may feel that their presence in your life is like a punishment for all the wrongdoing you did in the past. But whatever the reason it may be, their presence will be an experienced that will teaches you emotionally or spiritually. But mostly their presence was initiated by yourself either consciously or otherwise. Sometimes they arrived to provide you support, assistance, guidance and many more reasons which only you will know. And sometimes they left you as abruptly as they came. Either they passed away or walk away. Whatever the outcome, these people are the ones that helps gives your lessons of life. With the elements of joy, hate, happiness or sadness you will usually learnt to formed an emotional foundation necessary for you to use in all the coming new relationship that will comes you way. For all those that touches my life, especially my family...thank you.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just enjoy the coffee...

There was once a gathering of an Alumni organised by a retired Professor at his home. Upon the meeting of all the attendees the professor saw and heard how these young ex-students of his were complaining about how tough life and career was. Even though there were lines of luxury cars out in the parking lot obviously belonging to all of them, he heard them saying that their pay was too low and how things are expensive these days, and so on and on.... He then ask all of them.."Do you all want a cup of coffee?". And not surprisingly all of them acknowledge the need for some nicotine juice. The professor went to his kitchen and come out later with the pot of coffee and different kinds of cups for them to use. Some are cheap plastic cups, glass mug and an expensive porcelain cups. He then told them. "Okay, help yourself to the coffee.." When all of them are finished taking the cup coffee, he grab their attention by saying: " I heard all of you complaining about how difficult life was. How you just cant get enough from what you have." .. he continues " And I also observed that when I placed the different cups for you to pour your coffee into, most of you chose the expensive porcelain cups for yourself. When all you wanted was just coffee. Just imagine that life was the coffee that you want to enjoy, it does not need to be poured in an expensive porcelain cup for you to enjoy it. You just need to know what you want from life, thats all"