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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Keep making the stories...

I've read the review about this movie longtime ago. And only got a chance to see it yesterday. The good review given is correct. Its got a nice melodramatic touch to it. The gist of the story, is the act of one putting others above oneself.

Not too many going around these days. Though the story revolves around the cancer ridden Kate and her self sacrificial act of love towards Ann (her younger sister). I am pretty sure somewhere out there, these acts of righteousness still do exist.

At least it does for me... How my eldest sister, with grades that makes her to be the first Malay student from a local neighbourhood school to be accepted to Raffles Girls Secondary, have to sacrifice her further studies just to help to bring up 6 other younger siblings of hers. And there could be many more stories out there... Just dont end it yet... keep making the stories..

Going by the numbers..

"...This is despite the Government's efforts to boost birth rates. As a result, topping up the population through immigration is necessary, Mr Lee said yesterday..." reported in ST Mobile.

Though its not something new, but a press statement to reflect on a "Topping Up" policy to boost population, does clears the air about how Spore Govt is rectifying the population growth issues. Though it looks like a "Short term" problem solving policy. It gives me the impression that we are dire straits to get this corrected. Wonder why?

I, actually, preferred our small island to be less populated... the bigger the family, the bigger the headache. Thus the small family unit from a more affluent couple. More often said, Quantity may not always be better that quality.

As it is, with the present population, there's already too much of negative social issues we are facing now and with added unfamiliar immigrants topping up the masses... I wonder how this would actually helps us in Spore.. besides enhancing numbers...hmmmm?

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Blind Side of Mankind...

I have seen the movie.. Quite touching and very inspiring. Good movie to reflect that goodness is not dead in mankind after all. Anyway, Leigh Anne Tuohy (the real person, acted by Sandra Bullock) is actually filthy rich to start with. Not an issue to help others when you dont need to help yourself first.

Nevertheless, if the story depicts the actual true events, then Leigh Anne Tuohy act of helping Michael Oher change his life, is an example to be followed. But the again, do we need to be filthy rich first??

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just switch off the lights...

Differences existed everywhere and in everything. In the way we live, the we way we look, the way we talk and the list goes on and on and on... Why God created us this way..? Well only He knows best. May be He wanted us not to be too monotonous, may be He wanted us to see beauty in being different, may be He wanted to test and see how we could live together being different.

Nevertheless I can only see that we have not really succeeded in living together with all these differences. The powerful will imposed his biased perception of what is acceptable and what's not. The oppressed will see being different as being deprived. While others will live in defensive seclusion while showing facade of pretentious acceptance... only waiting for minute reasons to show violent dissatisfaction in the form of terror and physical harm.

What we really need to see is a common ground, see where the circle overlap,.. or may be we should start living in darkness to be able to accept one another without seeing the differences in skin color or physical defects.

Monday, January 11, 2010

faces among the crowd...

Here we go again... another new year... another cycle to go thru. The faces you seen in the MRT, buses, cars, taxis, roadsides all shows and depicts a new chapter in the owner's life... or it could be just another routine year to drag their physical body thru the vicious torture again..

For those that experiencing the life of a new school, a new job, a new family, a new home, a new motorbike, a new car... well atleast it could be more a exciting year to look forward to.

For the others... dont let it show too much on your faces.. its difficult.. yeah but try harder.

May be the best is to create something new in your life to look forward to... How about a new job, a new girlfriend, a new boyfriend, a new phone, a new laptop... yeah that will do. Or may be,.. just wear a face mask... then no one can really judge what you are going thru for this year... or can they?