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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

Handphones display....

I am always looking forward for Friday.. especially the nasi sambal goreng at Masjid Hang Jebat. Its awesome and cheap too. But it can get a little over filling so my advise is to take after the solat Jumaat... Takut tak Khusyuk sembahyang nanti dah kenyang. Dengar Khutbah tertidur pulak.. but please do not come to Masjid Hang Jebat for the nasi sambal goreng only.. The ambience is cool too.

But what disturb me the most is the Handphones display when its time for Jumaat Prayer.. I really do not understand why cant we place the phone in our pocket? Do we need to place in front of us when we are praying? It can still be distracting even though it on silent. How can you not to be distracted by a swirling phone in vibrating mode... sheesh.

Sometimes, I try to find a reason for this act... Is it their pants is too tight for then to place the phone in? So when you are not praying, don't tell me you hold the phone all the time.. You have to put it somewhere rite? or what other reason is there...? I could not think of any other reason. Pleaasee dont make it a habit guys.. I will definitely get distracted if I saw an iPhone on the sejadah... habis lah my solat.. minus points.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Good Advise.... or not??

Will you get it?

Today, I submitted a reservation for the Apple iphone thru Singtel Webpage. It is not legal binding, as they will call you when the phone is available and you got a week to decide whether to get it or not. Obviously the price will be the main factor in my decision. As Apple have already made known the selling price of the iphone, it wil be interesting to see how much Singtel will markup before they let it go to the market. And what will be more interesting is to see how they will justify their markup.

Just for reference and comparison, the stark lacking in the iphone are:
1. No MMS capability
2. No Video recording
3. No Video Conferencing
4. No Bluetooth connection capability with PC
5. No dedicated ringtone capability (this I am not too sure.. will confirm later)

So with all that lacking, does it still appeal to you?

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Questions of the Day...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Nokia N78... Dont buy it yet....

Today I returned the Nokia N78 phone to hardwarezone office after being a appointed as a "Trial User" for a week. I got to admit, the new features are quite interesting. I was a bit apprehensive about it at first,.. as I got a bad experience from my previous N73 but surprisingly I was beginning to grow into it.

The FM transmitter was interesting but not really beneficial to me. Unless you want to want to fool around in the bus or MRT by changing people's radio channel at your own free will. Cheap thrill, I say.

Personally I would recommend to you guys who likes:
1. Listening to music using your phone
2. Using your phone as a camera
3. Surfing the net using WIFI
4. And changing other's radio channel without them knowing

What sucks (or may be I am sucks technically):
1. GPS setting is hard to configure
2. Transition from one application to the other is slow
3. Feels like a plastic toy phone
4. And the keypads is painful to use

What's cool:
1. The overall looks (at the expense of the keypad design)
2. The 3.5mm earphone jack

I will put up my feedback report to hardwarezone later for you guys ro read. But if you ask me ... To buy or not to buy..??? Go for the E series.. the latest I heard the latest E71 has a 3megapixel camera too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Trial user for Nokia N78

For all of you guys, who have plans to upgrade your phone to a Nokia N78, pls do consider reading my blog in about 10 days time. I was being selected by Nokia to be one of their many trial users for that model.

I just got the phone last Friday and in the midst of meddling with It. I have tried using the N73 and it sucks big time.. The worst phone I ever got. And the N78 looks like going down the same road too but its still too early to tell.. Sorry to offend any of you guys that loved the N73 or the Nseries for that matter, but thats personally how I feel.

Anyway I am using the E51 now and love it alot. If you want my feedback about the E51..? Pls let me know, I will put it up for you to read if you want me to. So do come and read my feed back in 10 days time and see the summary report that I will submit to them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

- Certification of Virginity for women.... and men??

I come across an article in today local newspaper about this private clinic in Paris that provide a medical service that getting popular among women, especially Muslim women. The popular medical service they provide is the ability to "restore" women's virginity for a price of about $4000. Actually quite a reasonable price for restoring one's illusion of piety.

The next question is.. why do you have to go thru all this? Are we in a state of denial? Though we never come across issue of annulment in marriage because of viginity issues here in Singapore. I wonder if the closet have been filled up with quiet dissent.

Not that I condone free sex among women, especially Muslim women but do Muslim men present indirect pressure to women with silent ideology about virginity? Medically proven, there are alot of other issues that can make women lose their virginity. So I dont think this medical practice will be in demand here... I sure hope not.

But you will never know, the next thing Muslim women are needed to submit before they get married, is the “Certification of Virginity”. As what the article claimed being requested by some Muslim ladies now for marriage purposes.

I am quite sceptiical that this article is done to highlight medical services but merely to mock the Muslim perception of issues pertaining to one’s practise as a Muslim. Nevertheless it is an issues that we must be able to openly discussed and not to let it be swept under the rug or the bed for that matter... lame huh?

Lame or not, to be fair to Muslim ladies, as a Muslim guy I wonder if there are any medical services in this world that can cater to prove men’s virginity to balance the proof of piety....?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

- Apple new iPhone.. now in 3G

Phone, iPod, Internet, and more.

Singtel is carrying the phone in but according to 93.8 news the other service provider is bringing it in too. I will probably wait and see what issues they will have operating in this region before getting one. But then again the price is quite affordable I might be tempted just to get it. It will be half the price of the Nokia N95 series.
But as i recall there are alot of issues facing the first generation iPhone that users now are quite sceptical of this new iPhone. Issues like battery life, music files, bluetooth connectivity, files transfer just to name a few.
But as an avid apple user, I am quite impress by the new 3G version.
Look out for more info with regards from users of the first generation iPhone. I will put it up later.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

- Design is being able to translate & form...

The title is what I read somewhere in the net... It makes alot of sense. To be able to potray your message in graphics is a challenge in its own terms.
Just like a writer, a composer and many more professions, its a challenge to be able to make the audience see your message. So expressing your views is the way to go to show your true colors. Never be afraid to.
Here are some of my design works that have been approved for printing. Though I got to admit that some of the works are "Client Driven", nevertheless it is something to be abele to potray what you like and to please the client in the process. These collections span from a period of 1 to 3 years ago.
If you need further clarifications on the works, please do drop me a post and I will be glad to answer any queries pertaining on the matter.

Double click on the image to view it larger.

- Paint brush to mouse

As a designer I have seen the transition of times in the way artist present heir work. Whether is good or bad is up to us to debate all the way till the cows comes home. Being an artist that have evolved in this transition, I can see the difference in the media have to the way artist look at their work.

I have a couple of favourite fine art artis like Frank Frezzata and Roger Dean. These guys are the ones that create their work using canvas and paint brushes. And some of their work are well known for Movies Posters and Record covers. And most importantly they created a niche in their style and it shows in their work.< Even local artist like Sarkasi Said, who have been using the batik media for years without technology assistance and yet created a name for himself in this industry.

Do the new generation of artist need to find ways to manipulate the technology media to create somethig for this century?