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Monday, April 26, 2010

Do You Really Want to See It..??

Its still exist,.. even now. Some called it Traditional medicine Man others called it Bomoh ... Even with the influx of Integrated Technology, the need for such expertise still exists and in demand. Yes, I was present at one ritual yesterday. It was an eye opener. I have had never seen the practise in real life before. Except for those in movies or thru stories told by people who have gone thru it. But the fact is it is not as dramatic and as elaborate as the one they one they conjured up for commercial reasons on the big screen. Infact it was never meant to be. But nonetheless it was really food for thoughts.

Whether the images you see will be in high resolution pixel format or in spiritual form, I realised, its only when you have attained that certain spiritual level, only then you will be able to see those that was meant for you to see. The next question is: "Do you really want to be able to see it??".. Until now I am still contemplating it..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Face. It..

As a parent, I am pretty sure atleast one of your kids,(if you have any), would be on a social networking sites. Especially the Facebook. Personally in my earlier blog, I hate this Facebook. But just to keep track on my kids, I created one for myself... Then I realised,..Hey!!!.. I dont really enjoy reading abt what they are doing?? So why am I here..??!! So I wrote an email to all my kids (3 of them) and told them I am delisting them from my "Friend's List". Meaning, I wont care about their Facebook anymore.

And here are the replies I've got.
My youngest say: "YEAAHHH ATLAST, FREEDOM!!!"
My daughter replied: " You sure Papa..??, are you angry with me for not responding to your post???"
And my eldest son say: "Its about time... not cool to have your dad in the friend's list lah...:)"

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!.. ITS NOT COOL TO HAVE YOUR DAD IN THE FRIEND'S LIST!!! Wazzup lah these kids nowadays. If you dont keep up with them ,they say you are backdated. And if you are at par with them, they say its not cool for them.

But after a few days of souls searching... I realised, hey... they do need some space of their own. Some form of self exploration with a private space. I guess we parents sometimes, unintentionally, tends to be too over protective about our kids. Though the intention is good, I guess the implementation needs to be improved. So to all those parents that is having Facebook account, get your kids of the Friend's list. And you might get the same replies to what I've got.. FaceIt..