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Monday, April 20, 2009

Road King...

"WHATT!!! You did a figure of 8 flat on road??!!... ha ha ha " well this is is what I overheard a guy talking to his friend, who obviously going thru the trauma of getting his class 2b motorbike lessons.. Yup, I have my traumatic experience too... Imagine doing a wheely on a motorbike and then seeing your bloodless face in the rear view mirror while lying on the road. Yeah, that is one experienced that I will never forget... From then on my goal of getting the mere 2B motorbike license was an uphill task... Got marked by the instructors as the "Wheely King" at the driving centre. But perseverance prevail and I got it at last.. Thats was 25years ago.. and I still cherish it. With the high cost of owning a four wheels may be I need to downgrade to a 2-wheeler.. Alas, beware the "Wheely King" is back on the road..

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Shern merr..??

There a buzzzz going around about service sector personnel that couldn't communicate well or not at all in English. I wonder who they are...??? Ok its a fact that we have a number of foreign workers be it professional or just blue collars ones. They are a diversify lot. And colorful too. I can empathise with a friend who GAVE UP asking a service counter girl to lessen his sugar content in his tea, as it may help control his diabetes but... the process of asking INCREASES his blood pressure...sheesh..:(

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

get it reset....

Mindset is something that can never be changed easily. And it varies with one person to the other, from one country to another and it goes on and on and on... So what is the right mindset?? Or is there such a thing as one?? Everyone will claim that he or she is having the right mindset. To them others will just be having the wrong, confused or backward mindset. So... whats the correct mindset? My answer to the question is.. The correct mindset is the one that is able to think along the mainstream, be flexible, never narrow minded and always be willing to see new perspective... Yeah that's the one... the correct mindset... and I dont even know what the hell that means...

Monday, April 13, 2009

How do I start??

When the government warns about the gloomy market sentiments, they were not kidding... I can see that the electronic sectors was the hardest hit. Then the retail, the travel sector, the property and the list goes on... Then my question is... if there is no business to do business... what are we supposed to do??? Then it struck me KAPOOWW!!! haallooo... there are sector that will still be in demand no matter what... People need to eat (just try to avoid Indian Rojak or may be Seafood Steamboat too), we need to get medical treatment, we still need to get education, need to get lawyers for divorce cases (no point living with freeloaders), need to get connected on the net and get those early accidental movie release and save on movie tickets... there you go... the lists goes on. So go into these areas and there will still be money to be made... Now how do I start..????

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pictures only.... for now

Well done Stevie... with you at the helm, Apple will go very very far. Why I believe so..? Look at how they have been leading and while others are following... The iPhone Application phenomena.. now every phone producers are making applications available for it's unit. More millionaires are created via application downloads. And lastly Apple do listen to consumer's feedback. Look at how the iPhone OS 3.1 updates was created. It obliged what millions of users been shouting for... the mms ability, cut and paste option, forwarding of sms capability, voice recording software and many more... If this is not service, I dont know what is... But I wonder... is anybody there shouting for video recording capability..?? If you do.. then may be it is not loud enough....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Are you a good person...?

Hours after watching the movie "7 Pounds", I still cant get over the fact about the sacrifice "Ben" - the main character played by Wills Smith, had done after tragedy struck him months before. Though some may find it to be cliche but I was just pondering, will there be such a person..? Yah okay... I am pretty sure the tragedy that struck him can really devastated anyone but would anyone be bother enough to go into the hassle of finding all those people that deserve "my body parts"..?? Well, you can say thats Hollywood... But what struck me most was the irony of his renewed relationship with a dying lady "Emily" who's days are numbered unless she got a new heart... And no prizes for guessing who's heart save her... Some memorable scene for me will be, the time Ben's decided to "do it" because he doesnt want to lose the girl he love again... And the touching moment when Emily got to know whose heart save her life... that scene was really touching.... except may be the dog should not be around licking her face...sheeeshh yuucckk....