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Sunday, March 14, 2010

You just needs to draw the line...

Overheard in the radio recently, of how the a new term have existed to describe the existing generation now... “The Online” & “The Offline” Generation.. And I found this to be exactly true in what have existed today.. Well, in my home it does, anyway. I would catergorize myself to be the unique Generation.. the one that survive on both Online & Offline... Just like some species that can survive both on land and in water..

Can these 2 Generation co-exist..? I sure would like to think so.. But who will ultimately overrun the other? I guess the “Online” species will ultimately be the one that will stand last... they are smarter, stronger and very aggresive. But deep down inside, I felt there will be the resurrection of the “Offline” species to make good of what life in this world should be. The world needs that warm human touch, rather than cold steel feeling.

But how will the “Offline” species triumph in the end???. Really Wonder how..? Well, the chosen one from the “Offline” species will battle all odds and tribulations.. going across seas of fire and dodging bullets and cannons... and at the end of it, he just.... off the main power supply... there goes the “Online” species... kapuutt...:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Excuse me.. are you Mr Tom Cruise..?

Since the floodgates opened by Mr Tiger himself.. apparently "infidelity" seems to be a favourite pastime for most guys. from famous footballers to our own local "apek" director... I guess they must have gone thru a severe case of deprived childhood to make themselves feel good about doing things like this. Why it isnt so?? Infidelity make a man feels a sense of triumph and power.. it boosted their manhood and ego to the extreme max. Thats the reason why in the case of Mr Jumping Jack.. facing rejection will only makes him want to try on others (..ladies or men it doesn't really matter) even more, thus even a 16year old.. how low can you get.... A man at this state will never comprehend the meaning of "No, I am not interested in you.. even though you got money or power". He will never to able to face himself in the mirror if any lady rejected him. A pure case of inferiority complex due to deprived childhood..

Cmon guys,.. just what do you think you can get from that women that you cant get from your own wife huh.??... or may be you should try to imagine your better half doing that to you.. try to imagine.. imagine hard... feel it..?? Ok to all the Jack Ass out there,.. take a good look in the mirror... Now that you can see that you are not Mr Tom Cruise.. Go back to the one who loved you as who you really are.. and have sympathy on her for loving an asshole like you..