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Monday, March 7, 2016

Getting my first Pet Kitten

The thoughts would have never crossed my mind, its only when I felt the family is drifting apart doing their own things.. My boys with their laptops, my daughter with the mtv, and my missus on her handphone chatting and texting… So I threw in the message in my "Family group".. "How about getting a kitten as pet?,.. what you guys think?.."… The replays was fast and furious and mostly excitedly Yes.. except from one scatty cat person.. my wife.. with her big caps: "NO!".. but guess she being vetoed out by the kids..:)

Pleasantly surprised, it does get the family together once more…:) one look for the type of kitten to get. Whether to adopt or to buy, the other check on the preparations on what to do and get first,.. Well my wife continues with her nagging objections like: "You all know how jolly well that I am afraid of cats,.. Anyway you guys don't even know how to look after yourself and now you all want to look after a cat??!!,.. How about the smell,? bla bla bla… Well I just continue with my newspapers and enjoying my coffee.. and let my kids handle the responses to my wife.. for once I felt at eased and I knew it will be easier for my wife to give up when the kids are up against her..;) haha.. 

So out we go to see a kitten from a cat welfare organisation… but along the way,.. my eldest boy say: " Hey Dad, can we go to this address at west coast, this lady wanted to give up her kitten cause one of her kids is allergic to cat.".. "Lets just see this kitten first..".. I said: "hmm ok.. if you say so..".. All this while my wife keeps saying things like:"Keep it away from me in the car,,. Tie it up tight,.. look out for its shit.. bla bla bla"..

When we reach the lady's house, we were allowed in by this friendly German lady, she was very welcoming and we saw her kids, 2 young girls and a little boy. And yes,.. we saw the boy nose was pretty red..:) guess still suffering from his allergic to the kitten. So my son asked, where's the kitten, The lady say, its there under the sofa you are sitting… Instantaneously we all stood up,.. The lady smile and says its ok.. she got her daughter to pluck the shy kitten out..

And I can see my son's eyes glitters, when he looks at this young british tabby kitten.. We all loved him right there.. Straight away we agreed to adopt him,  My son have a chat with the lady about the formalities of looking after "Cliquot" the kitten name.. Though we have a choice of renaming him but all of us decided to retained it.. not sure why..:). We brought it back home straightaway, as the lady was kind enough to give all Cliquot's stuff away together with him. His litter box, food, toys and all.. practically we need not get anything else..:).

About 1 year have passed,.. and surprisingly,  the "Scatty Cat Lady" at home, is now even closer to Cliquot than to me.. with her famous line when she steps home: "Clico darling.. where are you?",.. talk about how people change… And it works, the family now have a focal point to share fun and laughter together.. Cliquot does bring us together again.. alhamdulillah..:)).. Yeah get a pet.. it will brings you guys back together again..:))