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Monday, September 27, 2010

Living on the edge...

The tragedy of a father and son that happen yesterday may not be shocking to us no more. Its have happen before and it will happen again. How do we ever get rid of these grave negative mindset of "I am taking away his or her lives away because its the best thing to do for everybody..." May be we could mirror these incident to reflect on how a person could ever conclude to these dreadful decision. Or could it be those around him have unintentionally helped in making it easier for him to decide?
May be we should questioned ourselves..., have we ever being too selfish, insensitive, ungrateful to our loved ones that we do not realised that he or she is at the edge of making a drastic decision in life? Or are we just too weak and pathetic to face problems together and it requires our other half to do us a great favour by committing these act of sacrifice??
Lets this incident be a sad learning process for those in any relationship problem to ponder... are your loved ones at the edge? Or are you pushing them over the cliff?