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Monday, May 31, 2010

Just another piece of the puzzle...

What matters to us most in life?... Family, Career, Passion, Health?? the list goes on. So how do you balance and allocate the time for each things that is important to you? Here's what you should do... list the things that is important to you. And I believe basically there are 4 things:
1.Spirituality and Personal Development
2.Family & Relationship
4.Personal Care & Health.
Try to honestly assess how much time you give to each of these basic needs. Do you for example devote 80% of your time to work and expect that your family life to be rich and rewarding. Do spent 10% of your time caring for your health and wonder why you always falls sick most of the time. Or do you allocate 70% of your time for the family and get frustrated that your career are not taking off in flying colors. Well.. something have to give in, to be sacrifice, to be compromise.
You got to identify and choose your priority. Once you have done that, then give yourself credit, a pat on the back, if you have done well in the chosen prioritised area. Try to cut down on your worries, the thing is to plan your life and not to worry about things that may or may not happen. And the most important thing of all is ... LOVE YOURSELF FIRST... this act of loving yourself will act like a shield that will protect you from those challenges life will throw at you... So try it. Life is like a puzzle, but like what my beloved friend used to say... the picture is up to us to create

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You f*%@# greedy, corporate pigs..

Have managed to win the standoff with blood sucking telco and not signup for the WorldCup subscription. Its a clear cut case of Telcos not able to recoup Advert revenue due to delay agreement, thus get it from the desperate viewers. The mindset of the people working for the Telco are, "Never blame themselves for what they fuckup and never lose a single cents for the company". Pretty f*%@# mindset. Dont they understand, living in this stressful country, things like the WorldCup are avenues for the people get themselves distracted from the reality of living hardship. For heaven sake, we are already living on the edge, why cant they be more sympathetic and let people create bond together with this "Once in a 4 years event". Why dont they help foster bond between people, for once put the monetary issue aside and think about the people. You f*%@# greedy, corporate pigs..